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Is your animal shelter or animal control challenged with operational issues?  

Has your facility been under scrutiny by the general public, boards, committees, volunteers or even the media? 

Is your organization engaging in strategic plans for the future and want to determine your strengths and how to leverage them while addressing your weaknesses and threats?

Has your organization recently changed leadership? or been plagued by high turnover at the leadership position?

Then your organization could benefit by having a third-party, independent, objective and impartial evaluation conducted by industry experts.   Our shelter evaluation (also referred to as an audit, assessment or organizational risk review) is the most comprehensive in the entire animal sheltering industry.  We are the only company in the industry to examine all aspects of animal sheltering, not just a few areas as with all other evaluations. 
A thorough and objective review of your operations, staffing, leadership and management, physical facility, finances, programs and resources may be the most important thing you can do for the health and future of your organization.

Our reports are

Organizations/departments who have had our shelter evaluation and utilize our recommendations experience:

- an increase in pet adoptions and pets returned to owners (i.e. live release rate)
- a boost in donations and funding
- more efficient operational practices
- ability to recruit more volunteers and new board members
- an improvement in the organization's reputation and social media image

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